Darlene Graham

        Concerts, School Programs, Libraries,

     Festivals and Birthday Parties!

"Stomp It Up" 

Concert Show Solo/Duo/trio/Full Band
A concert with the Darlene Graham and the Shades of Green Band. Full of energy as the band shares the fun of growing up in family concert, festival, or assembly setting. Enjoy the flair of rock, Celtic and pop music. Sing and move to Darlene’s original and traditional songs about playing together, sunny days, going to the beach, dancing, popping bubbles and getting ready for bed. Everybody Dance! Darlene adds a variety of musical instruments to the stage, the tin whistle and glockenspiel! This program is a great kick-off event or celebration for a completed event. Say Welcome, Thank you, Good Job, or just plain need a break to celebrate being together. Exhilarating for kids and parents alike! For elementary school ages and families. Stomp It Together! (Listed with Nassau County BOCES Arts in Education and East Suffolk County BOCES Arts in Education)

"A Musical Celebration of Reading"

K-6 Schools, Pre-K, Libraries


Darlene Graham and the Shades of Green Band celebrate the delight of sharing a story through reading. Classic books and poems are put to music while using the author's words and telling the story. Stories include "Caps for Sale", "Gingerbread Boy", The Hungary Caterpillar, as well poems of Shel Silverstein to name a few. A full band program with multi media for schools, family concerts and larger library venues. Come sing and dance with Shel Silverstein's poem "Danny O'Dare the dancing bear"... (Listed with Nassau County BOCES Arts in Education and East Suffolk County BOCES Arts in Education)

"Celtic Celebration"

Experience traditional Celtic music with Darlene Graham and the Shades of Green Band. Songs and music from Ireland, Scotland, and Darlene’s hometown of Newfoundland will entertain all ages. This show introduces Celtic Music to younger and older audiences through interactive songs and traditional instruments such as the Tin Whistle. Sing along with an Irish children’s song “I’ll Tell me Ma”, or Stomp your feet and clap your hands to “The Ratlin’ Bog!” This show entertains and engages all!

“Singing at the Beach!”

This is an interactive summer show for all audiences’ sizes and ages. “Pool Time”, “Going to the Beach”, and “Sunny Day” are some of the summer songs that fill this show. Volunteers are needed to play Beach bucket drums, wear Sunglasses and dance, demonstrate swimming strokes, play clam shells as castanets! Large Beach balls are tossed into the audience to try and keep them up high while hundreds of bubbles fill up the room. Make sure you wear your comfortable dance show because this show will keep you on your feet.

“Pajama Party”

Come dance in your Pajamas at a big Pajama party! Featuring songs about friends, bedtime games, and fun dance and party songs. Don’t forget to wear your magical musical slippers that help your feet dance to the beat!

“Teddy Bear Parade”

A stage full of Teddy Bears will greet you and your child! Don’t forget your favorite Teddy bear to dance and sing along with the band! This show is full of Friendship songs and of Course Teddy bear songs too. March your Teddy bear in a marching band through the room waving at parents, grandparents, and friends. Volunteer you and your teddy bear to come on stage with the band and play an instrument or sing along. This show is a fun engaging show for young audiences and their Teddy Bear